Monthly Roundup | September 2019

Like for many of you, September has been a very busy month here at GSF! We have been working hard on building our team and planning new member offerings.

We had Morty Ballen join the GSF team as Programme Director in August and at the time of this writing he has talked to or scheduled conversations with 42 of GSF’s 48 members. These conversations served two purposes; the first was to learn how we at GSF can best support your efforts; the second was to have a deeper understanding of your organization’s unique strengths, so that we can help to foster meaningful connections among and between GSF members.

Although we are not quite finished with our conversations, one thing is very clear. Your consistent answer to the question “What is GSF uniquely positioned to do to support its members?” was the high value you place on the relationships with, and the knowledge possessed by, your fellow members. Thank you for your time; your participation in these calls helps to define how we will support you in your efforts to educate the 2.2 million students collectively attending your schools.

In October, you can expect a more detailed calendar outlining our offerings for the next six to twelve months.


The GSF Team

Member Highlights: Andrew McCusker on ‘School, Cricket and Corporate Finance’
img-570-120 Andrew with School Leaders in the EduQuality Program
Andrew McCusker shared his story with us and spoke about his journey from growing up in Geelong in Australia to becoming Head of Education Finance in Opportunity EduFinance.

“I visited a primary school in central Malawi where 150 pre-school kids were in one classroom with no desks, chairs or books. It was completely empty. Despite this, every single kid wanted to be inside that empty room learning”
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What's coming up?

GSF team updates

We are in the midst of building a team that will enable us to deliver GSF’s ambitious strategy for the coming years. Look out for adverts for a Programme Manager, Operations Manager and Communications & Business Development Manager and let us know if you know any outstanding candidates for these roles, in London or beyond!

Membership Offering

Once again, thank you for your participation in the calls we’ve conducted over the last six weeks. Through these calls, we learned that members are primarily interested in offerings in the areas of talent, organizational culture and early childhood education. In addition, you want to: have opportunities to convene together regionally; access fundraising support; and learn from one another on effective ways to engage with local government. We’ll be sending out a more detailed overview of our offerings in the upcoming month

Sharing your news and stories
We love receiving news and updates and from you so we can widely share the terrific work that you are all doing.

If you have jobs, news, research reports, stories, blogs that you would like to share, do let us know by emailing us at info@globalschoolsforum.org.

Highlights from September

UKFIET 2019 Conference
GSF convened a workshop at the UKFIET conference in September featuring PEAS, Rising Academy Network, Street Child and United World Schools. Our members described their efforts in the non-state educational sector to deliver an inclusive education. The session was well attended and interactive in nature, providing the audience with opportunities to question and interrogate education approaches.  
UNICEF Education Strategy 2019-2030
The UNICEF Education Strategy 2019-2030 (‘Every Child Learns’) has been released and was launched officially last week at the UN General Assembly. GSF provided detailed input into the consultation process for UNICEF’s new strategy, which provides strong recognition of the role of the non-state sector in education. UNICEF reiterates that it will work with governments so that they are better positioned to: support regulatory frameworks and environments that prioritize learning and equity in both the state and non-state sectors.  

Members in the news
SHOFCO on the BBC world service: Kennedy Odede, SHOFCO’s Founder and CEO, was recently interviewed by the BBC World Service for the Outlook program, sharing his story and life in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. Listen to the podcast here!

Street Child and United World Schools win the 2019 WISE Award. Congratulations to both Street Child and UWS for winning the 2019 WISE Award. Street Child was awarded in recognition of their “Family Business for Education” project in Sierra Leone, while UWS was awarded in recognition of “teaching the unreached.”

Watch out for our Quarterly Newsletter in the next few weeks to read more ‘Members in the news’
Market Sizing and the Growth of Non-State Schooling
We recently commissioned a study to better understand the size of the global non-state education sector, including its size and growth, in low- and middle-income countries across Africa, Latin America and South Asia. Overall, the study found that globally Non- state school market has grown by 10.7 percent since 2013 at an annual rate of 2.6 percent compared with government school market which has grown by 2.2 percent over the same period at a rate of 0.6 percent per year. If you are interested in finding out more about the study and the underlying data, please get in touch!

What We’re Reading
Twelve Characteristics of an Effective Teacher: A Longitudinal, Qualitative, Quasi-Research Study of In-service and Pre-service Teachers’ Opinions

By Robert J Walker
In this article, the author compiles his observations from teaching college students to become teachers. For fifteen years, he asked the question, “What qualities did your most effective teacher possess?” He’s organized their responses into 12 overarching characteristics of effective teachers, which include being prepared, positive, holding high expectations, being creative, fair and displaying a personal touch among others…
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