About Us

  • The vision of Global Schools Forum is a world where all children have access to quality education.

  • Our mission is to strengthen the non-state education sector in developing countries serving children from low-income backgrounds.

  • We aim to do this by equipping our members to support and run quality non-state schools and by creating a more favourable policy and funding environment for non-state organisations to engage in education.

Global Schools Forum is a community of education entrepreneurs who are running and supporting innovative and inclusive schools in underserved markets. We have two types of members: Non-state schools and school networks serving low and middle-income families and organisations that support these schools to scale their impact.

We believe that government should be the guarantor, and not necessarily the sole provider of education. Cooperation and partnership between the non-state sector and governments can help deliver high quality education for all students.

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How We Work

We strengthen networks and provide opportunities for collaboration
We have assembled a top-class global network of individuals and organisations passionate about improving education for the poorest children. We create a rich environment for building meaningful relationships and finding solutions to challenges through curating events, facilitating an online community, mentoring, working groups, a jobs board and fellowship programmes.
We build and share expertise and knowledge
Being responsive to the needs of schools and school networks, we provide expertise to our members by sharing best-practice information on relevant topics like child protection, curriculum, pedagogy, educational technology and school management through developing toolkits, running online professional development workshops, introducing members to experts and providing online databases of resources.
We shape and influence global dialogue through communications and advocacy
Through evidence-based communications, recognising non-state schools as key providers of education to the poor, we influence the reputation, funding and policy environment. Our communication efforts include generating a new narrative on non-state education, sharing stories of the excellent work of our members, speaking at global events and in policy dialogues and demystifying the funding landscape.
We facilitate the use of better data and evidence
To improve rigour and transparency in the sector, we regularly report on a set of basic metrics that members disclose. Over time we will collate a longitudinal dataset to provide further evidence of the role non-state schools are playing in education, create a State of the Sector report and consolidate and share current research on the non-state sector.

Our Team

GSF is managed professionally by a small but growing team based in the UK.

Our Board

GSF reports to a Board which consists of representatives from each of our funders. They advise us and ensure we remain faithful to our vision and mission.
Allison Rohner
IDP Foundation, Inc.
Omidyar Network
Owen Henkel
UBS Optimus

Our Funders

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Global Schools Forum is incubated by Ark Ventures, part of the education charity Ark. Ark Ventures incubates, launches and supports organisations that have the potential to deliver widespread change in education and society. Ark is registered in England as Absolute Return for Kids (Ark) as a company limited by guarantee number 04589451 and charity number 1095322.