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Guest Blogpost: Transforming Learning, Unlocking Potential: The School Transformation Group

The wealth of information that they are willing to share with us was priceless.

Head of Learning | SPARK

Who are The School Transformation Group?
School Transformation Group’s (STG) mission is to help progressive school chains become world-leading education institutions. We are a global, multi-lingual team of experienced educators, entrepreneurs and leaders who are passionate about unlocking learning potential as well as optimising schools' business models and financial performance. We recently completed a deep-dive analysis into SPARK’s Flex model, and the testimonial below from their Head of Learning explains our process and outcomes:
What was the challenge facing SPARK?
SPARK schools has designed two learning models in its primary phase. The Foundation phase use a blended learning model called the lab rotation model. The core values of SPARK, Service, Persistence, Achievement, Responsibility and Kindness form the basis of the model. The intermediate phase uses a hybrid of lab and flex to support intrinsic motivation, mastery, autonomy and reflection by our scholars. We noticed that even though we had confident scholars who were working towards independence in the intermediate phase that academic results were lower than the foundation phase. We wanted an objective third party to identify the gaps in the intermediate phase model to help us understand how to close these achievement gaps. We contracted STG to conduct an evaluation of the blended learning model in our intermediate phase.

How did STG help SPARK?
STG began the process by meeting with all the relevant stakeholders, remotely, to get an understanding of SPARK, the culture and how the model was designed. An intensive project plan was designed for the pre-work that included assessments, surveys, meetings etc. to support initial assumptions. This was followed by a week-long visit when STG visited all our schools and observed scholars’ learning, teachers teaching, provided feedback to staff and interviewed school leaders. The visit concluded with a presentation of a summary of the findings and a detailed report followed along with post support sessions that were offered to digest the report.
What are your overall thoughts on STG?
STG was great in helping us solve our problem because they sought to understand our context before identifying gaps. They were timely and available, despite the crazy time differences, to all the SPARK staff. Their manner of providing feedback is very caring and supportive. STG was able to give us more than we asked for when we contracted them. The wealth of information that they are willing to share with us was priceless.

Hear from one of our members, SPARK, about their experience with The School Transformation Group who completed a deep dive into their Flex Model and identified areas for improvement.

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